Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top Ten Signs that You're an Aviation Addict

  1. You speed dial ATIS
  2. You whine and fret on every nice day that you're not up in the air (instrument students and pilots add low cloudy days)
  3. You whine and fret every day that the wx is too bad for flying
  4. get DUATS or a wx briefing on days you can't fly, just to see if the wx is really as nice for flying as it looks
  5. You get DUATS or a wx briefing on days with awful wx, just to assure yourself that the wx really would be too bad to fly
  6. You learn mental methods for flight planning, and spend boring meetings planning flying trips
  7. You calculate every expenditure in terms of flight hours (50 cents at the candy machine every day that's 0.01 flight hours!
  8. Your girlfriend is made of aluminum and her name starts with an 'N'.
  9. You get in your car and find that it drives itself the the airport.
  10. You become an instructor so you can be paid to go for airplane rides!


  1. Hahahaha! I've dreamed of becoming a pilot, but because of my poor eyesight, it will always be a dream. So I just settled with building model airplanes.

  2. Hi Joel -

    That's unfortunate, but eyesight might be fixable! They learn new things all the time.